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Hazardous working environments are a common concern and it’s not difficult to see the inherent dangers associated with these. It's in these environments that the utmost attention must be paid to worker safety by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as Fire Retardant Protective Clothing.Our company has dedicated a big range of products designed and produced in order to offer the protection necessary to the people at work.

Our range includes CE certified clothing and related PPE for the below categories:














 Great corporatewear solutions are about delivering a powerful and consistent corporate identity supported by excellent service, allowing our customers to enhance their local or global brand profile with their customers while making their own employees proud and happy.

We have a wide base of corporatewear customers across the globe encompassing all sectors from retail to security and from airlines to hospitality.



Calsta's reputation is built on creating solutions with people in mind and working with our customers in order to provide the widest range of Personal Protective Equipment that meets the needs of employers and employees everywhere.


 Our range includes the biggest names in the Personal Protective Equipment field, products known and trusted around the world. Every product has been expertly assessed to ensure it does what it should.

Heat and Flame,
 Molten Metal Splash,
• Electric Arc,
• Molten Metal Splash,
• High Visibility,
• Antistatic




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