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For us quality equals to continual improvement. Calsta' s commitment is to improve the quality of its products & services in order to meet & exceed our clients’ needs.


In order to implement this basic philosophy, we conduct our business based on continuous performance monitoring and strict adherence to standardised work set by certified quality management system.


Within the framework of our approach to quality, in April 2000, our company was certified by the Greek Organization for Standardisation (ELOT) with a Quality Management System pursuant to ELOT EN ISO 9001:1994 standard and since November 2002 it has been recertified while upgrading and implementing the new ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000 standard (Cert. No. 02.04.06/700). 

Its aim is to ensure that the Policy of Quality (namely the platform on which the products and services offered to its customers are based and which is governed by the philosophy of offering the highest level of quality in relation to the value of the products and services) is implemented satisfactorily while supporting and complying with all the system ' s processes during the production of products and services. 






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